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Scandinavian Design or Zimmerdahl Antiques & Design in Sweden - the Story of how we came to be

Some traditions are more important than others. Coming from a long line of carpenters, the first Zimmerdahl furniture shop was opened in 1935 by Fredrik Zimmerdahl’s grandfather, Frans. In 1996, Fredrik decided to carry on the family tradition of providing timeless Scandinavian design to customers from all corners of the world. The Zimmerdahl philosophy is all about finding the right piece for the right owner, because we believe in the importance of enjoying beauty in your everyday life.

Scandinavian Design Icons - Stig Lindberg and Wiwen Nilsson

Scandinavian design is so much more than furniture. Fredrik has a passion for jewellery and silverware, specializing in rare pieces by world-renowned art deco silversmith Wiwen Nilsson. Another passion is ceramics and stoneware, with the works of Stig Lindberg from the famous Swedish ceramics producer Gustavsberg being the highlights of the collection. What unites these designers is their ability to unite form and function into pieces that are as stunning to look at as to use.

Fredrik’s sharp eye for detail and quality is reflected in every single piece offered by Zimmerdahl Antiques & Design. A broad network within Scandinavian design means that any restoration is done by highly competent specialists, to ensure that every design icon purchased is handled with the utmost care.

Finding your next Scandinavian design favorite

Zimmerdahl Antiques & Design has its physical location on Krafts Torg in Lund, a medieval town in the south of Sweden. Since 1997, Scandinavian design fans have been able to find their favorites online. If you are on the lookout for a particular piece, please do not hesitate to get in touch and Zimmerdahl Antiques & Design will do their best to make your design dreams come true.