Re-launch of our web - now with e-commerce

We are re-launching our webpage, we launched our first webpage in 1997, in the very early days of the internet.  We are very excited to be able to connect with customers around the world and help them build beautiful homes and help them collect their dreams. 

This new website is built to make it easier to navigate and to work with modern standards wether you’re surfing on mobile or visiting on a computer.

Our collection of Wiwen Nilsson

Speaking of beautiful products, have you seen some of our current collection from Sweden? Sweden is home to the great silversmith. Wiwen Nilsson. His designs became almost instant classics. We’ve written a beautiful little article on Wiwen Nilsson’s life, please go read it?

Zimmerdahl Antiques & Design AB is Sweden’s leading dealer in Wiwen Nilsson jewelry, we regularly acquire some of his most rare works!  

Welcome again this site! We’re glad you’re here!

Fredrik Zimmerdahl

Bridal Crown by Wiwen Nilsson, Sweden

Very rare gilded sterling silver bridal crown by Wiwen Nilsson, Lund, Sweden. In original box. Signed and dated, T9, 1969. J indicates Johan Hansson as the smith behind this particular crown.

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